And the winner is…

Last week in my Equity and Diversity class there was a heated discussion about what factors influence students’ academic success most. Race/ethnicity? Money? Parent influence? It was interesting hearing my classmates talk so passionately about what they believed in.

But there was something going on that made me uncomfortable. Rather than listening and trying to learn from what was being said, people were quick to dispute one another. If I didn’t know any better, I would have to say they were actually trying to prove each other wrong. I understand that we all have our opinions, but I don’t think this is a debate where having your argument win is the point. If anything that just counters everything that we are trying to do.

Maybe if we listened, and really listened, we would realize that we’re all right. We all want to help our students, and if awareness is the first step towards change then what’s the point in having tunnel vision? If we keep that up then we all lose.

Good thing this was only our second class. Us newbies have got a lot to learn! :)

One thought on “And the winner is…

  1. I felt EXACTLY the same way with my Schooling in the U.S class. No one listened to each other, it was all opinion and students who, as sophomores or juniors, were already stuck in their ways and ideas about how they were going to teach. It’s frustrating. Hope you get through. But I feel where you are coming from

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