When expletives lead to memorable teaching moments

Student 1: “Miss S., you look pretty today!”

Ms. S: “Why? Do I usually look nerdy?”

Student 2: “No, I dunno where you got that.”

Student 3: “She always looks pretty, dumbass. I like your vest Ms. S.”

Ms. S.: “Ladies and gentlemen, we do not use that compound word in my class. BUT…it’s compound words ROLL OUT TIME!”

Student 5: “Bittersweet!”

Student 6: “Basketball!”

Student 7: “Bathroom!”

Student 8: “Sunset!”

Student 9: “Redwood.”

Ms. S.: “Redwood?!”

Student 9: “Yea, it was in our pop quiz yesterday, remember?”

Ms. S.: “OH. Yea.”

I walked out of my school today saying, “Life is wonderful.” Ahh if only every day could be like today 🙂

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