My first Halloween as a teacher

Before this gets too stale, 3 Reasons why the Halloween school day was awesome:

1. Allowing the Halloween spirit infiltrate my lesson.

It was Friday, a review and quiz day. Rather than using my default green background on the keynote, I used orange. And rather than merely putting up review questions on the board that our class could try and discuss, I interspersed screen shots of scary movies…

Take, for example:

I let the image sit on the screen for a mere 3 or 4 seconds, acting as if I was unaware, before I moved onto the next slide. Got a few students with it. Lovely.

2. Harnessing the power of the projector to enhance the effects of one scary story.

More specifically, my FAVORITE scary story. I started the quiz ten minutes earlier than normal, so that I could finish class with a 10 minute story. Shut off the lights, shut the blinds, and lit a candle to set the ambiance. I set the projector to off with my remote (meaning, I could instantly turn it back on with remote). Even the most misbehaving of students gave full attention as I went through the tale. Seconds after I hit the story’s climax, in a completely dark room, I let this image unsuspectingly pop onto the screen:

My projector covers the entire height of the whiteboard. This image was huge. And this time, I got em’ ALL. Students screamed. I’m talking, legit screaming… the type you hear at the scariest moments of the scariest of scary movies. Well, it wasn’t THAT amazing, but it definitely brought a smile to this teachers face. It definitely beat showing a video and passing out candy like other colleagues had done.

3. My costume.

My roommate awoke and sent a groggy ‘good morning’ my way. “Like my costume?” I asked with enthusiasm. “Uhhh, you’re just you… but with a backwards cap on.” Most of my non-teacher friends wouldn’t understand, but this could possibly be my FAV costume of all time – and all I did was dress as myself. You see, as a teacher, you’re on display EVERY DAY. Students grow accustomed to your look, your style. They notice any sort change… a new pair of shoes, a new tie, new hairstyle, etc. I ALWAYS wear glasses to school. On this day, I took em off and wore what any of my male students would wear on a typical day. Baggy jeans, t-shirt, a’s cap, nike’s, a hoodie halfway zipped with the string tied. To complete the outfit, I threw on a black jansport, and some unconnected ipod headphones.

Got EVERYONE! Teachers, staff, students… I encountered more scenarios I can count on my fingers where folks REALLY DID mistake me as a student.

One student’s depiction:

I know it’s a week late, but Happy Halloween! Find ways to make this job fun! It’s there!

4 thoughts on “My first Halloween as a teacher

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  2. Ian,

    This is awesome!!! If only my school had hi-tech gadgets for me to play around with. I only have an old-fashioned dumb-board (aka: chalkboard).

  3. Kudos Mr G. I gotta say, those are some bomb ideas to make Halloween fun. I’ve never had a teacher interfuse Halloween into class times in such ways. Subtle stuff like a few scary projections well timed. Quite creative and effective.

    All in all, I think your ideas really helped to show that teachers too, are human. And coming to class doesn’t always have to be a chore.

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