ST FOLK, come out of hiding please!

It seems we ST folk are collectively paralyzed, or maybe tis’ the season for teachers to experience writer’s block? I blame it on the weather… or:

One contributor and I spoke excitedly a few months ago on the topic of our site’s recent success. And by success, I mean increased readership. I pin this on dy/dan, whose recent mention of ST brought some traffic flow. Thank you, sir. Sincerely. We jokingly proposed creating SupTeach t-shirts for all contributors once our subscriber count hit the 100-mark…

Is it possible that we’re paralyzed b/c of this larger reader base? Are we now self-conscious of what we have to say? Are we afraid of critique? Do we presume that our rookie words will be unworthy to vets?

SupTeach does not have a specific purpose. Check our “about”, check our sidebar and you get the sense that we’re here merely to share our experiences – even if only to our small blogosphere of friends.

I’m not sure what my specific goal was in beginning this post, but I would like to acknowledge that I hope to begin writing again (and more consistently) but without presumption that 100+ readers will come across my words. Not that an increased readership is a hindrance; it’s a blessing. And I love it. And I love feedback. But only because I know words will flow more freely from these weary teacher fingers of mine if I do so.

So to begin, one awesome quote from my 2nd period remedial algebra class:

Me: “Really, did you guys figure out 2n+2 all by yourselves?”

S1: “No, she did! Cus she’s a freak!”

She: “No, I’m not a freak. I’m just smarter than I thought I was.”

Indeed, she, indeed. Even if only a handful of revelations like this one occur yearly, you LOVE it when they do.

And to end:


One thought on “ST FOLK, come out of hiding please!

  1. i’m gonna make a supteach fbook fan page so that you STers get EVEN more readers to be self-conscious about

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